Finding an Independent Escort Agency in Australia

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Finding an Independent Escort Agency in Australia

Australia is widely considered one of the world’s most advanced nations, yet not without its challenges. Prostitution is legal but only through licensed brothels or independent private sex workers – with former generally providing better services at higher hourly rates than licensed brothels due to less emphasis on looking their best for clients and offering higher hourly rates than later ones. Plus they can hire drivers as security for transportation between bookings.

Laws concerning sexual work vary significantly by state, so it’s essential that you familiarise yourself with your local rules. For instance, brothels are illegal in South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania but legal in NSW Victoria and Australian Capital Territory. Furthermore, they require a planning permit from their local council and must remain away from hospitals, schools and public buildings; moreover, sexual work law generally encompasses anything from prostitution to massage for sexual stimulation.

When seeking out an escort agency in Sydney, it’s essential that you remember you must be legal age before availing yourself of its services. Doing otherwise violates both state and federal law as it’s against the law to enter brothels or use an escort service while underage; furthermore it’s against law for escorts accepting money from underage clients as this could incur severe repercussions and harsh penalties against themselves and clients alike.

Most Australia independent escort agency employ female workers, though some also hire transgender and male sex workers. Most sex workers in this industry are classed as contractors rather than employees and must pay their own taxes. As of 2018, 22 licensed agencies and an unknown number of unlicensed escorts existed within Australia.

Empire Escorts and Scarlet Blue both provide high-end escort services in Sydney, with Empire Escorts boasting a larger selection of models with differing price points; Scarlet Blue provides top quality service through their smaller selection. Both sites also feature secure websites with attentive receptionists ready to help find you your ideal companion; she can offer tips and advice so that your experience goes smoothly as well as suggesting one for specific types of clients. It is crucial that any site chosen be legitimate and use safe payment systems; otherwise fraudsters or scammers might take advantage of you exposing you.


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